Musical Chairs Parties

Guild members host a wide variety of fundraisers referred to as “parties” in homes or at large venues.  Attendees may be introduced to an entertaining personality or a local author, tour an interesting building, enjoy a fabulous meal cooked by a chef, or learn about a new subject and interesting subject.  It’s first come, first served, so you are wise to act promptly after the schedule is announced.

Remember how it is in the game of musical chairs?  Slowpokes are left standing.  Don’t you be left without a chair at these fun, educational events.  Musical Chairs parties are held from April through November.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  A NEW Musical Chair Party  has been added to the lineup of parties on the August 21, 2017  Solar Eclipse.  Please see the listing of parties for a description.

Please view our exciting and fun parties for 2017!  Click on a link below the Table of Contents to view a description of the individual party.

From Bean to Brew

The Joys of Hosting Airbnb Guests

Walking Tour at Alton Baker Park

Garden Party

Symphonic Secrets

Warrior Sisters

Game Day

The Life and Love of Robert and Clara Schumann

Tickle Your Tympanum with the Eugene Symphony’s Timpanist

Oregon Rocks!    CANCELLED

NEW:   August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Presentation

Exclusive Private Shopping at Talbots      CANCELLED

Albany Carousel

Seasons on the McKenzie River

Please note change in contact for reservations for the Seasons on the McKenzie River:

 Contact Sue Ashton, 541-255-7323;

Cheers to 50 Years

Hawaiian Luau and Wee House Tour

Afternoon Tea at the Shelton McMurphey Johnson House

So Many Birds, So Little Time

To Reserve Your Chairs