Musical Chairs Parties

Guild members host a wide variety of fundraisers referred to as “parties” in homes or at large venues. Attendees may be introduced to an entertaining personality or a local author, tour an interesting building, enjoy a fabulous meal cooked by a chef, or learn about a new subject and interesting subject. It’s first come, first served, so you are wise to act promptly.

Eugene Symphony Guild presents the 32nd Annual Musical Chairs!

Herein are the game plans for 10 fabulous events to benefit Eugene Symphony. There is a party to please every taste, to suit every mood, to fit every calendar—all with one objective: “Enjoyment while raising funds for our Symphony.” The following offers a brief description of each party. Select the ones you would like to attend, then make your reservations. It’s first come, first served, so you will be wise to act promptly! Remember how it is in the game of Musical Chairs? Slowpokes are left standing! Reservation deadlines are TWO WEEKS prior to the event date.

Please call or email the person taking reservations for the party of your choice. Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of your check. Checks should be made payable to the EUGENE SYMPHONY GUILD. If you are unable to attend a party for which you have a reservations, please feel free to sell or give your place to someone else; otherwise, the price of the reservation is considered a donation. You are welcome to purchase an entire party. What a distinctive way to repay social obligations!

Class Act in Metals: A Visit to the Studio of Sculptor Jud Turner

Saturday, May 19 | 3:00–5:00 pm | $25 per person | 25 guests
When were you last invited to the studio of a world-renowned sculptor? Such a great opportunity doesn’t come around that often! So, don’t miss this chance to visit with Jud Turner, Eugene’s own world famous sculptor, in his studio intriguingly named, “The Oblivion Factory.” Your afternoon will be an exercise in amazement, as Jud talks about his art and shows slides of his body of work. From his website, we learn that Jud makes his art “out of materials that were not originally intended to be artistic mediums.” That alone is pretty incredible, and the result is a wide-ranging collection of the eclectic art that has won him global recognition. Locally, an example of Jud’s sculpture is the magnificent Blue Heron on the University or Oregon campus. As an added attraction, you will also meet an odd addition to any artist’s workplace, Pigg, his mini-pig that always accompanies him to the studio and has been a model for some of his sculptures. Who can resist? Wine and appetizers put the finishing touch to this awe-inspiring afternoon.
Location: 3923 Cross Street, Eugene
Reservations: Inga West 541-343-6057 or
Party Hosts: Melva Boles, Chris Johnson, Bonnie Fromhold, Carol Welch, Susan Greenwald, Inga West, Glenda Hay
For this event, $12.50 per person may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Talent in the Making: A Program and Discussion by Lillian Manis

Sunday, June 3 | 3:00 pm | $25 per person | 50 guests
Relax, settle in and enjoy a musical performance by two ensembles of young, talented musicians from the University of Oregon’s Community Music Institute. As you listen to their chamber music program, you’ll be certain that each of these youthful musicians was born with outstanding talent. But, not according to the tenets of the Suzuki method, created by Shinichi Suzuki, who based his teaching approach on the belief that musical ability is not an in-born talent, but an ability that can be developed. On that note, it will be an enlightening afternoon as Lillian Manis, Assistant Director, talks about the Institute’s unique programs, which include the Suzuki method of instruction and chamber music playing. Coffee, tea and sweet refreshments provide an appropriate finale to this delightful event.
Location: Willamette Oaks (Atrium), 455 Alexander Loop, Eugene
Reservations: Emilie York 541-485-7019 or
Party Hosts: Carolyn Abbott, Paula Salerno, Catherine York, Emilie York
For this event, $12.50 per person may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Take Me Out to the (Ladies) Ball Game : A Talk by Former Pro Baseball Player, Lois Youngen

Thursday, June 14 | 11:00 am | $20 per person | 35 guests
Not many women we know can claim to have been a professional baseball player! However, Lois Youngen can do just that, since she played in the “All-American Girls Professional Baseball team” which ran for 12 years from 1943 to 1955. Be prepared—it certainly wasn’t baseball as we know it today, for, according to a quote from a Register-Guard story about Ms. Youngen, the girls wore one-piece dresses while playing and “were expected to look like Betty Grable and play like Joe DiMaggio.” Youngen usually played catcher, and the $50 a week she made covered her college tuition. A film, “A League of Their Own,” released in 1992, relates the story of this league and according to Youngen, “…captured the spirit of our league and the spirit of the women who played.” Come hear the fascinating story of a professional baseball player told from the unique viewpoint of a female player. Adding to the spirit of the occasion will be genuine baseball fare of hot dogs, pretzels, chips, ice cream and beer.
Location: Willamette Oaks (Atrium), 455 Alexander Loop, Eugene
Reservations: Doreen Kilen 541-343-2192 or
Party Hosts: Carolyn Abbott, Doreen Kilen, Marilyn Deaton, Betsy Patton, Francee Hillyer
For this event, $10 per person may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Mural, Mural on the Wall: A Walking Tour of Eugene’s Murals

Friday, June 22 | 5:30–7:30 pm | $25 per person | 25 guests
Here’s a riddle for you. What do Eugene’s murals have in common with the city’s claim as “Track Town, USA?” And to further confuse you, how does an “old” S.L.U.G. Queen fit into the mix? Give up? Many of murals are part of the 20×21 Mural Project, an initiative of the City of Eugene Cultural Service’s Public Art Program. The aim is to create 20 or more world-class outdoor murals in Eugene between now and the 2021 IAAF World Championships to be held in Eugene. Artists from around the world will create the murals, giving them a global interpretation. Get the inside track on this innovative project when Debbie Williamson, 2011 Eugene S.L.U.G. Queen Holly GoSlugly and Communications Director of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, gives a slide show and a short tour of the downtown murals. Debbie’s passion for art and especially art education led to her involvement in the 20×21 Mural Project. Okay, riddle solved! Now, on your mark, get set, and dash to the Octagon Building on East Broadway where appetizers and wine make this a winning event!
Location: Octagon Building, 92 E. Broadway, Eugene
Reservations: Sylvia Kaufman 541-844-9596 or
Party Hosts: Melva Boles, Sylvia Kaufman, Ginger Fifield, Carol Welch, Corky Hughes, Inga West, Chris Johnson
For this event, $12.50 per person may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Hitch a Ride on the Merry-Go-Round: A Family-Oriented Tour of the Albany Carousel Museum

Thursday, July 12 | 1:00 pm | $20 adults, $10 per child | unlimited guests
Yes, we know the actual name is carousel, but as children we called it the merry-go-round. And you’ll remember why once you hitch a ride on the wonderful carousel in the Albany Historic Carousel and Museum. Begun in 2002, the aim of the carousel’s creators is to “create the finest carousel in the world.” And they are well on their way, as the carousel already features 33 animals, including such diverse creatures as a seven-foot-tall giraffe, a honey bear, and a Calapooia horse. Seventeen more are planned, aiming for a final 50 animals. All carved and painted by hand, each takes from five to 10 years to complete. An added attraction will be a fascinating tour of the carving studio. You may take unlimited rides, so try them all! Later, enjoy yourself at an old-fashioned ice cream social with homemade cookies, then stroll or drive through Albany’s lovely historical district, perhaps do a little shopping. This is a family-oriented outing, so bring the kids and have a merry day centering on an extraordinary carousel!
Location: Albany Carousel Museum, 503 W. 1st Avenue, Albany, OR
Reservations: Doreen Kilen 541-343-2192 or
Party Hosts: Judy England, Doreen Kilen, Barbara Miner, Virginia Prudell , Connie Regali
For this event, $10 per adult and $5 per child may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Meet the Maestro: A Talk by Music Director & Conductor, Francesco Lecce-Chong

Wednesday, July 25 | 5:00 pm | $35 per person | 40 guests
We welcomed him at last summer’s Symphony in the Park concert, and fell in love with his exuberant personality and lively conducting style. But what’s it like to be the new guy in town, especially when you are the Music Director & Conductor of the Eugene Symphony? Hear it from Maestro Francesco himself as he regales us with his first season as our Symphony Director. We’ll learn how music for the new season was selected; maybe he’ll fill us in on his impressions of Eugene, which can be a cultural shock to someone who has conducted symphonies in such diverse and cosmopolitan cities as Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Hong Kong. As an added treat, Francesco, trained as a composer and pianist, will demonstrate his expertise on the piano. Appetizers, beer and wine add a grace note to what we guarantee will be a lively afternoon.
Location: Home of Kathy & Warren Barnes
Reservations: Carol Welch 541-334-5187 or
Party Hosts: Carolyn Abbott, Ginger Fifield, Marilyn Deaton, Francee Hillyer, Bonnie Fromhold, Sandra Weingarten, Carol Welch
For this event, $17.50 per person may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

The “Far East” Draws Near: An Authentic Chinese Dinner

Tuesday, August 28 | 5:00 pm | $45 per person | 30 guests
Wouldn’t you like to take a trip to the Far East, especially China, and immerse yourself in its many exotic wonders! Yes, you say, it sounds grand, but China is so far away! Never mind, we have the perfect solution. Simply take a short jaunt to Cathi and Ray Staton’s home and begin your evening by savoring an authentic Chinese dinner, created by Ching Lee and her able assistants. We can’t tell you the exact menu, but you can probably anticipate steamed dumplings, baked stuffed buns, and spicy and sour cucumber salad. In addition, Min Zhang, a former musician, teacher and performer in China will play Chinese instruments, some we bet you have never heard before. As a special added attraction, Min’s 80-year-old mother, Guoxio Zhu, will demonstrate Tai Chi with martial arts dances. Now, isn’t that a perfect way to draw the Far East nearer?
Location: Home of Cathi & Ray Staton
Reservations: Bonnie Fromhold 541-686-0107
Party Hosts: Carolyn Abbott, Francee Hillyer, Marilyn Deaton, Ching Lee, Bonnie Fromhold, Carol Welch
For this event, $22.50 per person may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Artist Extraordinaire: An Afternoon with Artist/Writer, Patsy Hand

Thursday, September 6 | 5:00 pm | $25 per person | 30 guests
You’ve heard of “multi-tasking,” now add “multi-talented” to that and you’ll have the perfect description of past Guild President, Patsy Hand! When you enter her spacious studio above Steelhead Brewery and see how her work ranges from bronze sculptures and metal images to oil and other mediums, you’ll realize how apt the above descriptions are. This far-reaching creative process is triggered when she becomes intrigued by an object, reflects on how she feels about it, and then puts the result into color and motion. The outcome is art that has been broadly described as abstract, emotional and architectural. If all this is not impressive enough, Patsy is also a professional writer! Besides talking about her studio art, she will share her experience publishing her recent suspense/thriller novel, Lost Dogs of Rome, as well as two new books scheduled to come out next year. Wine and hors d’oeuvres complement your time spent with a truly extraordinary artist!
Location: 5th & Pearl (above Steelhead Brewery) 199 East 5th Avenue, #23, Eugene
Reservations: Nancy Holloman 541-228-1805 or
Party Hosts: Carolyn Abbott, Betsy Patton, Nancy Holloman, Emilie York, Cyndy Lane
For this event, $10 per person may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Murder in Disguise: An Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner

Saturday, September 8 | 6:00 pm | $45 per person | 35 guests
Whew! It’s been a looong run, but the curtain has just come down on the final performance of “CATS,” and the cast is joyfully celebrating this eagerly awaited closing night. But wait! Something is amiss! It’s unbelievable, but someone has been murdered! Who among the shocked guests has dared to commit this dastardly deed? Well, that’s up to you to figure out when you attend this eerily exciting murder mystery dinner. Choose your role in this performance and be an actor, part of the crew, or one of the musicians, then from that vantage point, closely follow every clue. But, remember—no one is exempt from suspicion! To further titillate your sensibilities, murder won’t be the only thing served up on this exciting night. Also on the playbill is a buffet dinner with wine, and it all happens in Eugene’s own Very Little Theater. Come in costume if you wish. It definitely will be an evening you won’t soon forget. After all, you may not only catch a killer, but you just might also get a glimpse of the theater ghost!
Location: The Very Little Theater, 2350 Hilyard Street, Eugene
Reservations: Suzanne Shapiro 541-342-4795 or
Party Hosts: Carolyn Abbott, Suzanne Shapiro, Sue Ashton, Phyllis Villec, Barbara Cook, Sandra Weingarten, Susan Greenwald, Carol Welch
For this event, $22.50 per person may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Let’er Buck! A Mexican Themed Party

Sunday, September 23 | 5:00–8:00 pm | $45 per person | 40 guests
The universal cry of, “Let ‘er buck!” resounds among bellowing cattle and roaring crowds, as cowboys come from far and near to prove their prowess roping calves, riding fiercely bucking horses, barrel racing, and other physically and mentally challenging events. No matter what size the town, wherever there is a cattle industry, there is apt to be a rodeo. So it’s not surprising that more than 50 years ago, the small town of Brawly, California, honored its cattle industry by starting its own rodeo, “The Brawly Cattle Call.” Tonight’s host celebrated the ensuing rodeos with parties that eventually evolved into Mexican-themed dinners. Now, without needing to ride a horse or rope a calf, you can lasso a spot at that party right here in Eugene! Simply saunter on up to the beautiful terrace at the Tate Building in downtown Eugene to savor homemade beef tamales, chili relleno casserole, Mexican corn bread, and other traditional dishes from the California/Baja California border. Music, beer, wine and a small display of western and rodeo art provide added ambience. Wearing your western finery and jewelry is encouraged but optional. Let “er buck!
Location: The Tate, 1375 Olive Street, Eugene
Reservations: Ginger Fifield 760-550-0515 or
Party Hosts: Melva Boles, Sherrill Kirchhoff, Ginger Fifield, Rosemary Mulligan, Francee Hillyer, Margo Savell, Helen Kaufman
For this event, $22.50 per person may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.