musical chairs 2022-2023

Fun and Fabulous Fundraiser Festivities
to Benefit Eugene Symphony

Making of Bolero! for 30 Guests

Eugene Symphony’s Bolero video project was one of the most well-received programs. Hear from Symphony Executive Director Scott Freck, who produced and directed it: How it was made, and the inside stories about the iconic Eugene locations where it was shot. Plus, be treated to a private viewing of the full video, no longer available to the public. Relive the experience, or see it for the first time! Dessert and coffee served afterwards.

RESERVE BY MAIL  |  Cyndy Lane, 2058 Why Worry Lane, Eugene OR 97405

MORE INFO  |  Cyndy Lane, 541-342-3406

Dazzling Space Images & Insights
Presented by astronomer Bernie Bopp
for 25 Guests

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is NASA’s flagship observatory, with six times the collecting area of the Hubble Space Telescope. The initial amazing images show galaxies formed shortly after the Big Bang, nearly 13.5 billion years ago. JWST promises to revolutionize our understanding of the universe! Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and wine before the show.

RESERVE BY MAIL  |  Carolyn Abbott, 478 Covey Lane, Eugene OR 97401

MORE INFO  |  Carolyn Abbott, 541-485 3143

sold out or past events for this year

for 20 Guests

Tuscany is one of the few places on earth where the harmonious beauty of the landscape and the rich vibrancy of cultural progression are as a symphony, enriching the lives of all who are witness. Donald Lyon spent 40 years leading photography tours around the world, including a dozen or more trips to norther Italy. In retirement, he delights in creating visual symphonies of voice and vision. Enjoy coffee and dessert afterwards.


Just in time for the holidays, learn from our very own Baklava Queen, Judy England, how to make this famous and fabulous Greek layered pastry dessert, with expert tips — and tricks — along the way. Enjoy a delicious Greek-themed lunch while your baklava masterpiece finishes in the oven. Then sample the finished product, and package some up to take home!


Learn how to decorate a grapevine wreath for the holiday season, with natural materials from your garden or forests and woodlands. Use evergreen foliage, berries, seeds and cones to produce your festive masterpiece. Add a lovely bow, and it’s ready to hang on your door, window or wall. Enjoy cookies and holiday beverages while your creative juices flow!

Murder Mystery Dinnerfor 30 Guests

Be prepared to be scared out of your socks by the leftover ghosts from the old theater building, intent on eliminating the actors and claiming their roles. Now it’s up to the invited ghost hunter dinner guests to find them and drive them way. Search for clues, win prizes and enjoy a delicious dinner with wine — plus check out the newly remodeled theater. Don’t miss this howling good night!