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ESG 2022 - 2023 memberships
$ 40.00
New members of the Eugene Symphony Guild. New members serve through a rich variety of opportunities to support the Eugene Symphony and to enjoy the company of other dedicated community volunteers.  New members are the life-blood of the Guild, vital to its continued success.
$ 50.00
Active membership in the Eugene Symphony Guild. Active members serve on one or more committees during the year, either filling board positions, organizing small events and/or staffing large public events. They are the heart of the Guild's activities.
$ 60.00
$ 125.00
Sustainer membership in the Eugene Symphony Guild is available to members after three (3) years of active membership. Sustainers are valued for their past and current service, as well as their wisdom, guidance, and companionship. They are the behind-the-scenes supporters who give continuity and flair to the Guild's activities.
$ 135.00
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