To see details about any event, click on the event title in the calendar.
Scroll down the page to see more information about using the calendar.

The calendar is very flexible:
  • Click on any event title to display details about the event. In the detail display, click on the Map link to see a Google Map of the event location (works only for valid street addresses).  Click on the More Details link or Copy to my calendar link to see the additional information or copy the event to your own Google, iOS, or Outlook calendar.
  • Today - returns calendar display to today's date.
  • Left Triangle - shows previous time period.
  • Right Triangle - shows next time period.
  • Down Triangle, next to date - opens a month calendar with the current display period (week or month) highlighted on the top right-side of the calendar. Click on the chevrons in the top line to move from month to month, and then on the day of interest to open the main calendar to that day.
  • Print icon - opens a print preview window with options that control what is printed.  Select the options you want (display period, type of print, etc.), and then click on Save As or Print to save the calendar as a .pdf file or to print it.
  • Tabs - Week, Month, Agenda - click on the tab to display the calendar in the specified format.